Energy efficiency made easy

Electrify Alameda

An insulated, all-electric home may be right for you.

Electric technology has advanced way beyond those ancient electric stovetops.
Modern electric appliances use 100% clean energy to heat and cool your home, wash and dry your clothes, heat your water, and cook your food. Learn more about electric appliances here. 

Save big with small changes

Small but powerful steps like installing weatherstripping around drafty doors and windows, covering your water heater with an insulated blanket, or investing in some blankets and cozy socks for the winter can all add up to help you save on your energy bill. Click here to learn more about cost-effective, easy ways to save. 

Ready to live in a home that’s healthier for your family and the planet?

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Why go electric?

ENERGY STAR certified appliances and electric tech like heat pumps and induction ranges are much more energy efficient than their gas counterparts and can save you big in the long-run. 
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Alamedans can take advantage of many incentives to help with initial costs
Alameda's electricity derives from 100% clean energy sources thanks to Alameda Municipal Power. AMP achieved this milestone in
Jan 2020, decades ahead of California’s goal of 100% clean power by 2045. 
Fuel switching from gas to electric is an essential step to reach Alameda's emissions goals.
Appliances that run on natural gas create indoor air pollution because they burn fossil fuels in a closed environment. 
By switching to electric appliances, you’ll reduce pollutants like carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2)  that can exacerbate respiratory and other health issues.
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What is Electrify Alameda?

Electrify Alameda seeks to provide Alamedans with the resources they need to achieve home energy efficiency and electrification. The initiative strives to support residents at every step of their energy efficiency journeys - whether that be increasing efficiency of gas appliances, insulation and weatherization, installing electric appliances or even going all-electric! Electrify Alameda is maintained by Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda  (CASA). Click here to learn more about Electrify Alameda and what steps Alameda is taking to electrify. 

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